Did you know…

For those who live only a mile or two from work, walking is a healthy, easy and free way to commute. A person walking at a moderate pace can cover a mile in about 20 minutes, and burn about 85 calories (for a 150 lb person). If you live farther away, you can incorporate walking into your daily commute by taking transit (walking to and from the stop), or walking to meet your car/vanpool.

Check out the amenities near your home and work HERE (Glendale’s average Walk Score is 94).


Did you know…

In summer 2024, Glendale’s City Council will be presented with the Final Plan for the updated Bicycle Transportation Plan. This plan is expected to foster new bike lanes, sharrows and bike parking around the city. The group Walk Bike Glendale was formed in 2011 as a chapter of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, with the vision of making Glendale a city where everyone feels safe to walk and bike. This recent focus on the safety and accessibility of bicycling in Glendale makes the city better than ever on two wheels!

Want to start biking to work? Use these resources to get started:


Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

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Participate in the many events offered by Walk Bike Glendale, and become a member!