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Go Glendale is a membership-based nonprofit organization working with local employers and property managers to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, accessibility and mobility in Glendale, CA.

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Go Glendale news updates

Thank You for taking the Annual Downtown Commute Survey!

Go Glendale thanks you for your participation! We appreciate all the residents and employees of our member properties that took the time to take the annual Go Glendale Downtown Commute Survey. We had a great time interacting with our member residents and employees during our Commuter Survey tabling events. We are encouraged to see members show an interest in making transit a part of their lives. Here are some resources based on feedback and questions we received during the events:
  • Glendale Beeline's Dial-A-Ride as an option for Paratransit.
  • Explore Southern California with Metrolink.
  • Make that grocery run or connect to a light rail station with Metro micro's on-demand neighbourhood rideshare program.
Stay tuned to our newsletter and social media channels for more updates!

Get Your Go Glendale Complimentary Metrolink Ticket!

Go Glendale has teamed up with Metrolink to offer a complimentary round-trip ticket to our members!

You can sign up right now in three easy steps. Check out this page to claim your ticket now: Complimentary Go Glendale Metrolink Ticket - Go Glendale

It’s Time Again for Go Glendale’s Annual Residential Survey!

It is the time of the year again to survey residents and employees of our member properties about how they commuted to and from work. This year we are asking residents/employees how they commuted during the week of September 25th to September 29th, 2023. The purpose of the survey is to enable the City to better understand how residents and employees commute and help guide the City's future transportation plans and programs. The survey is a mandatory requirement of the City of Glendale and we need your help to encourage people to fill out the survey.

This survey closes October 27th and anyone who submits will be automatically entered into the raffle to win 1 of 3 $50 gift cards to a local restaurant!

Access the Survey link here: https://tinyurl.com/2p8hfz6a