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Go Glendale (formerly the Glendale TMA) is a membership-based nonprofit organization working with local employers and property managers to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, accessibility and mobility in Glendale, CA.


Go Glendale news updates

Rideshare Month Photo Contest

October is Rideshare Month!

Employees, tenants, and residents of Go Glendale members who carpool, vanpool, take transit, bike or walk in October can enter to win one of the following awesome gift cards! Simply post a photo of your trip on our facebook page!

$100 The Americana (1 winner)
$50 Whole Foods (1 winner)
$50 Trader Joe's (1 winner)
$20 Tender Greens (2 winners)
$20 Porto's Bakery (2 winners)
$20 Starbucks (2 winners)

Need help with finding a carpool/vanpool or transit/bike route planning? We're here to help!

Employees or tenants in buildings of Go Glendale members should check out our Commuter Club! Residents of Go Glendale members should check out our Downtown Neighbors Club!

The prizes don't stop there!

You can also enter to win prizes from Metro just by registering your rideshare commute at Ridematch.info for the week of October 3-7 2016! 17-0404_web_assets_rideshareweek_2016_650x200