Glendale is Reimagining Public Transit

Visit for a chance to win $100. Glendale is reimagining the bus network to create customer-focused routes, faster and more reliable travel times, and less waiting at bus stops.  We invite you to tell them how they should reimagine our bus network in Glendale.

An improved bus system will benefit you: save time and money on parking, gas, and car maintenance; help green our world by reducing emissions and congestion; use your time on the bus to read or catch up on sleep.

Take the survey at GlendaleTRA.comYou could be a lucky winner of $100. Then spread the word – tell friends, family, and colleagues to take the survey, too. 

3 Responses to “Glendale is Reimagining Public Transit”

  1. Gayane Avetisyan

    The buses work well. It would be perfect to have more ruts and stops, so we do not have more then one bus inside Glendale.

  2. Gayane Avetisyan

    Would be better for the buses to have more stops inside the Glendale.

  3. Gayane Avetisyan

    The buses in Glendale work perfectly. The drivers are so kind.


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