Free Rides on Election Day

Election day is Tuesday, November 6 2018, and you do not need a car to reach the polls. Metro buses and trains will be running free of charge on that day and you can simply board them, without using your TAP card. Isn’t it great?

But there is more good news! If you don’t feel like taking the bus, Metro Bikes is offering one free ride on election day. You can use the code “1162018” at any bike kiosk to get it. And if you are not around a Metro stop, other agencies around the Los Angeles area are offering free rides on that day. LADOT (Dash and Commuter Express), Pasadena Transit, Long Beach Transit,¬†Baldwin Park Transit, Santa Clarita Transit and the Access Service will also be free on Tuesday, November 6 2018.

Lyft and Uber are also trying to help you get to the polls! Lyft is offering a 50% discount directly on the app or free rides with promo codes. Uber is offering a $10 dollar discount directly on the app.

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